Out traveling alone or on a tight budget, no worries, come stay at our 12 bed dorm!

Our dormitory is on the 2nd story of the pool house/bar building and has 12 beds, 2 showers and 2 toilets. Everyone gets a personal locker, beddings and a towel. The dorm is air conditioned but a gentle warning to those who love it really cold, it don’t get cold here. The view from the windows and the rooftop is of the pacific ocean and on the other side the pool and garden. Downstairs is the hangout area with pool table and other games, swimming pool and bar, the beach is 30 meters away.


sleeps up to 12
  • 50sqm
  • bar downstairs
  • common area
  • swimming pool
  • billiard table
  • airconditioned
  • WIFI
  • 2 showers
  • ¬†2 toilets/CR
  • reading light
  • charging port
  • ¬†roof deck
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