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Even though Siargao is mostly known for its excellent surf breaks it really should be famous for its great vibe and welcoming people.

Most who come here end up staying much longer than planned and seem to come back time after time. And there is lots to do here. Tour the beautiful islands that surround Siargao, swim in waterfalls, go diving, big game fishing or just drive around the island on motorbikes, and visit some of the class-A beaches that are to be found. For prices on the various trips check out our special offers

Drunken Carabao Tour

drunken carabao siargao

How does this sound, meet up at the hammock hotel for some local moonshine. Choose your carabao, get on it and ride up among the rolling hills of Siargao. All this while enjoying unlimited Rom and Beer. We stop on a hilltop for pictures and Carabao racing. This is truly i day to remember, or not………..

Cloud 9 Surf Break

Cloud 9, Siargao

A world-renowned and world-class surf break where the Billabong international surf competition is held every year in September, along with the fiesta of General Luna. There are also smaller waves to surf just along the beach, and if you don’t surf just go out on the famous boardwalk and enjoy the show.

Guyam Island

Guyam Island, Siargao

Just a short boat ride from General Luna lies this beautiful virgin island, perfect for a relaxed day of sunbathing and snorkelling.

Daku Island

Daku Island, Siargao

One of the best beaches in the Philippines. No matter the tide Daku is always a great place to swim. Rent a kubo on the beach and have the local fishermen cook up some of their fresh catch. There is also a few good surf break at Daku so it’s a great place for a combo day-trip of surf and beach!

General Luna Boulevard


A nice place to go to in the afternoon and evening. It has a nice beach for swimming, a public market, long pier to sit and watch the sunset. It is also the one of Lay Lay’s BBQ and a couple karaoke bars that can be as fun as they are annoying. Still its a great place to see the island life and partake is some partying with the locals. This is also the place to get a night burger when everything else closed.

Caob Lagoon

Caob Lagoon, Siargao

The lagoon is beautiful with crystal clear water and high surrounding hills that keep it secluded and calm. Perfect for snorkeling and lounging in the two story kubo that sits right on the water. The trip to the lagoon takes you trough the biggest mangrove in the Philippines, take a look at our Facebook site for more pics.

Sohoton Cove

Sohoton Cove, Siargao

A maze-like place consisting of limestone islets, where the only way in or out is the cave entrance that vanishes during high tide. Another must see is the jellyfish lagoon, home to millions stingless, friendly and playful jellyfish comparable to those in Palau. With its unique seascape and landscape, the place promises everyone a truly unforgettable, enchanting and extraordinary experience.

Taktak Falls

TakTak Falls, Siargao

At the northern tip of the island are the Taktak waterfalls. A perfect stop when touring the island on motorbike or by car. Cool fresh water runs down a high cliff into a Filipino style pool, many locals hang out here and jump from cliffs and trees into the refreshing waters below, just be aware that it’s not very deep in case you should be lured into a dive.

La Janosa Island

La Janosa Island, Siargao

Small cozy island about 45 min boat ride from General luna. Nice beaches and a few good breaks makes this a prefect trip during your stay on Siargao.

Fiestas & Surfing Festival

Surfing Festival, Siargao

Every town on Siargao holds yearly fiestas that attract lots of people for dancing and drinking. The biggest and most famous is the fiesta in General Luna, usually held in late September and now runs along with the surfing festival. The fiesta is long, around 2 weeks and includes international surf competition, parades, parties at the resorts and bars and crazy times along the boulevard with live bands and discos.

Del Carmen Mangroves

Del Carmen Mangroves, Siargao

Siargao Island’s mangroves cover an area of 8,620 hectares. Of which, a single forest area consisting of 4,200 hectares is found in the municipality of Del Carmen. This mangrove forest is the habitat of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna both in marine, wetland and terrestrial areas. Also found in the mangrove forest is the endangered crocodylus porosus.

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What do you think is the best island island in the Philippines? I vote for SIARGAO! The past 4 days, I’ve been exploring this magical island, and words cannot describe the beauty that I saw… White-sand beaches with crystal-clear ocean water, an abundance of coconut trees, laid-back surfer vibes, welcoming local people and extreme overall happiness that still has me smiling ear to ear as I type this 🙂 Siargao tops my list for the best island I’ve ever visited (with #2 being Siquijor and #3 Palawan). Yes, my top 3 favorite islands on earth are all in the Philippines. I'm on my way back to Manila right now with my favorite Filipino airline, Cebu Pacific Air For more on Cebu Pacific's cheap deals --> Like Drew Binsky on Facebook for more travel videos & inspiration

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#DMTravelSeries Such a blessing to be living in the most beautiful country. Do you agree? SHARE if Siargao is part of your 2017 Travel Bucket List!! Location: General Luna, Siargao and Surigao Del norte Videographer: Carla Pena Book flights from Manila to Siargao with Cebu Pacific via Check out this website for the Siargao Travel guide:

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Who wants to visit Siargao?! Mother Nature never fails to stun us with her beauty, check out this action-packed island full of fun activities! Music: Midnasty Video: Jericho Ong Kua Magazine: Special thanks to Ajna Multimedia, Gaps Sabuero Photo, and Palaka Siargao Dive Center. We hope you like it! 🇵🇭 Don't forget to join our #free competition at!

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